#SAFETYSCAPE provides an opportunity for all industries working across the wider health and safety profession to come together, exchange ideas and explore industry trends.

The inaugural 2018 #SAFETYSCAPE Convention will enable an array of organisations to assemble as Victoria’s largest gathering of Health & Safety Industry professionals across a week long program of events, workshops, forums, seminars and conferences.

Organisations participating within #SAFETYSCAPE will have the opportunity to deliver their own separately managed health and safety related events in the precinct.

The Safety Institute of Australia’s own two day National Safety Conference: WHS in Practice, will be just one of the events featured as part of the #SAFETYSCAPE program.

SIA’s National Safety Conference will deliver a strong focus on the translation of theory into practice with the program theme: WHS in Practice.

Who should get involved?

#SAFETYSCAPE host partners from various industries will explore a range of WHS themes in a broader context, observing how health and safety interacts with other WHS interests groups from the workplace perspective.

#SAFETYSCAPE will appeal to the following target audiences:

  • OHS Professionals & Practitioners
  • Business Leaders
  • Regulators
  • Academics
  • Students

Event host partners who choose to hold activities during the convention will have the opportunity to use the #SAFETYSCAPE brand free of charge and leverage off the convention’s broader marketing campaign.

Event host partners will also have the opportunity to take advantage of reciprocal cost structures between participating organisations, encouraging and incentivise participation of members, affiliate organisations and students from across various industries.

#SAFETYSCAPE event hosts will also have the opportunity to partner in hosting a combined WHS Gala Dinner which will be hosted on the final evening of the convention.

How to get involved?

To register your event, simply click on the “Register Your Event” tab and enter the details of your proposed event. Successful event proposals will be published to the #SAFETYSCAPE site as host partners.

For further information about #SAFETYSCAPE contact the Safety Institute of Australia on (03) 8336 1995 or via safetyscape@sia.org.au

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